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Watch Band Size Guide

Measuring the lug width of a watch is important when you purchasing a new watch band or strap that fits correctly. The lug width refers to the distance between the lugs, which are the two small protrusions on either side of the watch case where the band or strap is attached.

Below you will find a written instruction on how to measure the lug width and a simple image instruction to follow:

How to measure watch band size

To measure the lug width of your watch, you will need a ruler or a caliper. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Place the ruler or caliper across the width of one of the lugs. Make sure that the ruler or caliper is positioned at the widest point of the lug.

  2. Take note of the measurement in millimeters. This is the lug width of your watch.

  3. Repeat the measurement for the other lug to ensure that both lugs have the same width.

  4. Once you have the measurement, you can then choose a new watch band or strap that has a lug width that matches your watch. Be sure to double-check the lug width of the new band or strap to ensure that it is a perfect fit.

Remember that it's important to measure the lug width accurately to ensure that your new watch band or strap fits securely and comfortably on your watch. With these simple steps, you can measure your watch's lug width easily and with confidence.